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Monday, December 13, 2010

Vizconde Massacre Case: Hubert Webb & Company Off The Hook, What Now?

Now that Philippine Supreme Court acquitted Hubert Webb and company for the rape and murder of Carmela, Estrelita and Jennifer Vizconde, the question now is...what now? 

Hubert Webb (image from
So who really killed the Vizconde ladies? We are now back to square one and if I remember correctly way back in the early 90s, there were what...two (2) make that three (3) sets of suspects. One group were a bunch of alledged Akyat Bahay (Burglar/Stick up artists) while the others were a mish mash of ordinary construction workers.

All of them were freed after police were found to have tortured these suspects into signing confessions (why am I not surprised) and a few of them showed torture marks.

The Vizconde victims: (L-R) Jennifer, Estrelita & Carmela
This is a real tragedy either way you look at it. So many innocent people have suffered already. Starting with the Vizconde victims, husband & surviving member Lauro, the tortured suspects and possibly Webb & company (if indeed they have nothing to do with the massacre). 

So what do we do with star witness Jessica Alfaro, the woman who set all of these in motion? How about the house helps and the guards who testified that indeed Hubert was in the country at the time of the murders?

By now, if indeed Web, et al are completely innocent, the guilty parties have long disappeared and the chance of getting one of them is practically nil.   

Such a tragedy and it's really scary. The real murderers are still out there. Who knows, he may be reading this blog post in an internet cafe or right beside you reading a paper.

It's time to get paranoid!

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