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Friday, December 1, 2017

WATCH: Never Seen Before Brutal Battle of Marawi Video Documentary

Very Intense. Brutal. Unnerving. 

These are some of the viewers comments on the latest combat footage released by the Philippine Army - Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Most of the video clips included those shot by the Maute-Islamic State affiliate terrorists were previously not released to public until now. 

You can view the combat footage by clicking the player below. Warning: The video you are about to watch contains graphic battle scenes that may be upsetting to some people and not suitable for young audiences. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

WATCH: Boy Uses 2-String Guitar To Play Bisaya Christmas Song

BALAMBAN, CEBU - This young man earns a living going door-to-door and playing his homemade 2-string guitar called locally "Diwdiw". Using a small discarded medicine bottle as a slider this aspiring artist made this instrument himself. 

Check out this video to hear what a Diwdiw sounds like. By the way, the title of the song: "Pasko Sa Usa Ka Binilanggo: Merry Christmas na lang" a popular Cebuano Christmas song. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

NAIA Tanim Bala the Mobile Game - A Very Short Review

Count on the Filipino's unique sense of humor and indignation to come up with ways to cope with the current bullet planting scam happening at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA.

Aside from the usual memes and video spoofs, guys at Kulit Games have launched a mobile game called Tanim Bala (Bullet Planting) as way of protesting the current criminal schemes in the Philippines international gateway.

Because I am such a curious guy I quickly logged into Google Play and downloaded Tanim Bala (all 15MB+ of it) and here's my very short review:

Game play - pretty simple but bit challenging. You just need to move right to left (or vice versa) to avoid those bullets thrown by corrupt Filipino airport officers. The pace picks up after a minute ala old school tetris so you better be alert. If you get caught with a bullet, you have to cough up $1,000 (yes, extorted) or else you end up in jail (aside from missing your flight).

Sound - Not bad considering the idea of the game is to stick a big middle finger at NAIA & Transport officers via dark humor. The old school jazzy feel reminds me of The Benny Hill Show end credits chase soundtrack. Funny yes but the real life version of the is very tragic and infuriating.

Replay Value - You can play this over and over again until they clean up the airport stink. The only time this game will lose any relevance is when the authorities finally lock up all the guilty ones involved in the bullet planting scheme which is very unlikely.

Story - Just help the traveler avoid the damn bullets or he pays $1,000 to abusive Philippine Airport officers...or he stays in jail. That's it.

Graphics - Very good in my view. Reminds me of Roxio's Angry Birds. Wish they can develop a sequel like: Angry Passengers.

My rating: 4 bullets. This will keep you busy while waiting for your flight...assuming you were able to avoid the real Tanim Bala scam at the airport.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

San Beda Grad Is 2014 Bar Exams Topnotcher

The long wait is over. The Supreme Court released today the results of the 2014 Bar Examinations with 1,126 passers out of a total of 6,344 examinees.

Supreme Court of the Philippines
Image credit: Wiki media commons
San Beda College (SBC) graduate Irene Mae B. Alcobilla grabbed the top spot with an average grade of 85.50%.  She edged out  Christian A. Drilon of Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) with by a very slim 0.05% lead. Drilon got a grade of 85.40% to settle for 2nd place.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PBA Legend Ricardo Brown Calls Rain Or Shine-Ginebra Game "Disgraceful", Belga, Alamzan and Peña Meted Stiff Fines

PBA Legend Ricardo Brown took to social media to express his disgust over the conduct of  last Sunday's Rain or Shine and Ginebra game, calling the entire episode "an embarrassment to Philippine basketball."

In a Facebook post, the former rookie of the year and MVP questioned why Rain or Shine coaching staff or management failed to rein in Belga's behavior towards the fans who paid good money to watch professionals play "high level basketball."

Image credit: Facebook
Rain or Shine Power Forward Beau Belga's actions directed against the Ginebra fans has caused an uproar and the play had to be stopped when bottles and other objects were thrown inside the court.
Power Forward Beau Belga taunts Ginebra fans during last Sunday's game
The PBA has already cracked the whip on key players involved in last Sunday's Rain or Shine and Ginebra fracas by meting out a total of 70,000 pesos in fines against Power Forward Beau Belga for "unsportsmanlike behavior". 

According to, Belga's teammate Raymond Almazan also was slapped a fine of 40,000 while Ginebra San Miguel's Dorian Peña will have to fork out 10,000 as well. Referees of the Ginebra-Rain or Shine game were also reprimanded for not spotting several flagrant fouls committed by both teams players which could have altered the result of the game.

In a statement, the PBA said "...let it be stressed that the fans are the lifeblood of the league. There is absolutely no excuse for any player to engage the fans in a hostile and provocative manner."

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mystery Man Came Out Nowhere And Buys 200 Filipino Soldiers Krispy Kreme Donuts

About 200 Philippine Army soldiers were given a  pleasant treat by a mystery man who bought all of them donuts at a local Krispy Kreme outlet, a gesture that boosted the morale troops' morale in light of recent controversies rising out of bloody encounter between state security forces and muslim rebel groups in Mamapasano, Maguindanao last January.

Image credit: Gem Dy Facebook Account
Capt. Gem Dy of the Philippine Army recounted in a Facebook post that she and her comrades were lining up to at the Krispy Kreme Bonifacio High Street outlet when suddenly a man who introduced himself as Dexter Koh asked her how many soldiers were there for an event participated in by the Army. When she replied that there were 200 of them, the mystery guy promptly order Krispy Kreme donuts for all the guys including those outside the shop. 

Image Credit: Facebook
According to an ABS-CBN report, the soldiers were overwhelmed with gesture and are very thankful that there are people who still appreciate the sacrifices and efforts of the Philippine Army.

Indeed these gestures no matter how small go along way in keeping our soldiers' morale high. After all, they are ready to sacrifice everything, even their lives to protect us, our families and our way of life.