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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reopened Vizconde Case: Let's Start With Jessica Alfaro

Will the Vizconde family ever get justice?

Following yesterday's acquittal of Hubert Webb & company by the Supreme Court, the police are now back to square one and after almost 20 years, all leads have gone cold and whatever evidence still remaining, of little value.

And somewhere out there, the real criminals are free and moving around (maybe in your neighborhood too) as they please, assuming of course that the SC has made the right decision of declaring Webb & co-accused innocent.

So how do you track and nail down murder suspects for a crime committed 2 decades ago considering...

* You already have 3 sets of suspects (including Webb & co-accused) and all of them were set free by the courts for either lack of evidence or illegally extracted confessions

* Practically all physical evidence from the crime scene were destroyed by PO1 Biong

* Most of the public still think Hubert Webb and his 'friends' did it, despite the SC saying otherwise

Star Witness Jessica Alfaro (Image from about we start with the primary state witness herself: Jessica Alfaro.

It is a well-known fact that the then National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Anti-Kidnapping & Organized Crime Head Agent, Artemio Sacaguing testified that Jessica Alfaro was never an eye witness to the entire crime.

What he told the court was this: she knew someone who knows about the crime details but since this person doesn't want to testify, she will instead take the place of that witness. The exact words were: 'Papapelan ko, Papapelan ko lang yan.'

Here's an interesting note: the Prosecution never refuted or rebutted Atty. Sacaguing's testimony. Why?

By the way, this testimony was documented and was also used as one of the bases for Court of Appeals Justice Renato Dacudao to cast a dissenting vote when the Vizconde case was reviewed.

Since Jessica Alfaro claims to know so much about the case and its been established in court (never refuted) that she merely has taken the witness role herself in lieu supposedly of the 'real witness', then its only  natural that any reopening of the case will start with her & hopefully this time we can ferret out truth from fiction.

What do you think? Should the authorities start the reinvestigation of the Vizconde massacre with Jessica Alfaro?

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