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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pinoy News & World Events: Space Of Mind

The great thing about cyberspace is that you never run out of it. As a real estate practitioner, I'm always tied to the idea that space is a precious and inelastic commodity. Well, not here online. You can have all the space you need if the discussions on Facebook and Twitter gets too intense and you need more time (and to expand your views.

What to expect from the blog?

* Top news stories from around the world with no subject to be adult oriented to be considered taboo (uhmmm except for mutilations, sex with animals, children, and other creepy get the picture)

* News from all over the Philippines and not just from Manila & the other well known places

* Fearless views (sounds like an Inquirer tagline) and comments from me and you

* Videos, photos...relevant stuff

* Much more...

So what's my niche? Frankly, I have no's all topics under the sun. So there.

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